ETO Sterilization

Mediplast Israel Ltd. is the leading service provider of contract ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilization in Israel. The company has 40 years of experience in ETO sterilization of medical devices.

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All aspects of the sterilization activities of the company are inspected and approved by Notified bodies and other Regulatory Authorities. Such approvals and certifications have been granted by: The Standards Institution of Israel – , MDC (Germany), a Notified Body on behalf of the European Community and the Japanese Ministry of Health.
International Standards
Mediplast operates in compliance with the international standards:ISO-13485:2016, including ISO-11135:2014 – Sterilization of Health Care products by ethylene oxide. In addition, Mediplast has been periodically inspected and approved as a registered facility by the US FDA since 1997, most recently in August 2017.

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