Privacy Policy

  • Any details provided by the User as part or within the framework of the usage of the Website and any other data that will be obtained or collected by the Company from the analysis of these details and information about the User that will come to the attention of the Company as part of the use of the Website (the “User’s Details”), will be subject to the provisions of this Section 4.
  • The User’s use of the Website and the delivery of the User Details to the Company constitutes the User’s consent that the User’s Details shall be maintained and managed by the Company and that the User’s Details will be used for the purpose of operating the Website, providing services to the Users, executing and completing transactions, investigate complaints, comply with requests, analytics purposes, supervision and delivery of statistical information to third parties (this information will not identify you personally) ,complying with legal obligations, defending legal claims and contact the User, subject to applicable laws.

The User agrees that the use of the User’s Details for the purposes outlined above will not be considered to be an infringement of the privacy of the User, and the Company will not be considered as breaching of privacy or infringing the privacy of the User due to any information that could identify or trace the User.

  • The User is under no legal obligation to provide his User’s Details to the Company and providing of such User’s Details is performed on the basis of the User’s own free will and with his full consent.
  • The Company shall not share User’s Details with third parties, except in any of the following cases: (a) if it is required by judicial order, demand by applicable authority or by law; (b) within the framework of any legal proceedings relating to its relationship with a User, including any dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand, if any, between the User and the Company; (c) if the Company reorganizes the activity of the Website within another entity – and in case that the Company merges its business with another entity – it will be entitled to transfer the User’s Details to the other entity, provided that the other entity accepts the provisions of this privacy policy; (d) if a claim or suspicion arises by the Company that the User has committed an act and/or omission that harms and/or it may harm the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or any third parties, including other users; (e) if a claim or a reasonable suspicion will arise by the Company, that the User uses the Website for the purpose of carrying out an illegal act and/or to enable, to facilitate, to assist and/or to encourage the execution of such an act; (f) if a claim or a reasonable suspicion will arise by the Company, that the User has breached any of these Terms and/or any agreement with the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf; (g) as required for the operation of the Website, including transfer of User’s details to employees or related companies, subcontractors or other entities (including those located in countries where the level of protection of privacy of personal data is different from that of your country) which are involved in the operation of the Website.
  • The User shall not have any claim or demand against the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf in connection with the sharing of such User’s Details as aforesaid.
  • If the User: (a) objects the usage of his User’s Details; or (b) wishes to review, delete or amend any of the User’s Details, he shall notify the Company, in which case the Company shall act in accordance with the instructions given to it as aforesaid, subject to applicable law.