Our team of Sterilization experts will provide you with the best available options to meet your sterilization needs. We offer full consultancy support, guiding our customers to the best available sterilization fit for your product through protocol to final regulatory submission

Services offered include:

  • Product packaging and inoculation advice
  • Product sterilization suitability advice
  • Tailored cycle design in a wide range of sterilizers sizes from 2 to 15 pallet
  • Tailored cycle design in a wide range of loads sizes from one box to 15 pallet
  • Completion of validation protocols for
  • Full validation
  • Single batch release
  • Mixed load
  • Completion of final reports
  • We offer the full range of associated micro to chemistry Laboratory services
Training and Education

We offer full sterilization training programs to our customer base.  Standard or tailored programs for individual or large groups.  Please ask for information